Sunday, June 12, 2011


Welcome all!

I'm hoping to make this blog more than just the everyday art and adventure blog, so I will try to spread the love and post some stories on a little bit of everything.

Let me start with what I plan on posting about, then you can decide if you'll like it:

Art Culture - Not some just-plain-pictures tumblr or the usual big names, but some interesting history, new up and coming art, and also the underground of graffiti and street art.

Music - You won't be finding pop stars on here, but rather an eclectic mix of rap, metal, jazz, funk, and whatever happens to catch my ear.

Miscellaneous - I guess I haven't decided what other mainstays of the blog will be, perhaps you should stick around and find out!



  1. I'm liking the direction you want to take this blog, you sound like you've got some good ideas. Look forward to seeing where this is going.

  2. thanks! i'm hoping to put some cool music and art out there, bloggin looks like fun

  3. Hello good luck with your blog!