Thursday, July 7, 2011

J-Live "MCEe"

Today I'm choosing another incredible song by J-Live. He takes the title of MC to a whole 'nother level on this track and he almost exclusively uses words that start with M and C for most of the song.

...Know why, cuz I'm a
Master of Ceremony
Making a Comeback and
Moving the Crowd with Mad Charisma
Most of y'all Cornballs
Mingle at Concerts
Making a Claim but you know who is the "MC"
More Concentration on My Cadence Might Cloud your mind
Controlling your Movement Capaciously
My Capacity to Massacre Crumbs
And Motivate Change Most Certainly Makes you Consider me
Champion, Microphone is Consistently
Modelling Candor of Magnificence
See My Conduct is Mute to Cajolery
I Maintain with Clamency and Manificence
Cunning and Marvelous
Crafty yet Malevolent
To all Cultivators of Mindless Crap
I Rarely Recognize the Rude Ramblings of those Random Riff Raffs
Cuz they just Rap and I

It's sad to see such an underated artist, who not only produced this beat (and most of his own tracks), but is also a public school teacher by day. The man is truly 1-in-a-1,000,000.

Another fun fact I learned was about the true source of the album art inspiration. Does it look familiar to you? If you're a jazz buff you should because it's the quite famous...

Enjoy the track y'all.